Friday, May 29, 2015

Stealth dart flights and Stealth dart stems

Multi-directional woven polymers to form the strongest, lightest fibre-reinforced dart product today.

The Stealths' perfect 180 degree X-wing technology delivers first class flight stability, the best critical angles of attack and optimum drag coefficients.

The Stealth is the strongest, lightest fibre-reinforced dart product on the market. The assembly is simple, simply push the flight on the shaft, with no more trying to coordinate 4 fins into 4 ultra thin slits.

The Stealth flights incorporate 360 degree rotation for optimum scoring potential and also feature reinforcing veins at key positions to increase performance and durability.

X-Wing Technology Fibre-Reinforced Shafts & Flight system.

* Optimised airflow for improved speed and structural stability for a  straighter trajectory.

* Multi-directional woven polymers to form the strongest, lightest fibre-reinforced product today.

* Critical angles of attack and optimum drag coefficients improve in-flight stability.

* Class leading stability and aerodynamics.

* Stable composition which dramatically reduces distracting in-hand oscillation.

* Patent Pending.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Tomahawk dart flights, a new age in dart flight aerodynamics

The Tomahawk dart flights are a new age in dart flight aerodynamics, design and dart flight technology. 

The Winmau Tomahawk dart flights are 60 micron thick and made from superior quality polyester materials for durability and long lasting performance.

There are currently 3 new Tomahawk designs available:

Winmau's greatest "Asset”...

Paul Nicholson is regarded as one of the major names in darts, not just his for his undeniable talent, but also for his character and charisma.

Paul “The Asset” Nicholson is a serious contender for every major title and widely expected to add to his Players Championship triumph from 2010.

Nicholson was dubbed as the "Aussie-Geordie” by legendary commentator Sid Waddell because he was born in Newcastle and holds Australian nationality. He was the top player on the Australian Grand Prix circuit, winning title after title down-under.

Since joining the PDC, "The Asset” has consistently raised his profile with some electrifying performances and by projecting the image as the bad-boy of darts. In 2008 he caused a stir on his debut at the Grand Slam of Darts by beating Gary Anderson, who was then number one in the World Darts Federation rankings.

The following year, Nicholson continued to defy the odds with a sensational run to the quarter-finals of the World Championship. The Asset set his stall out in round one by winning every single leg to beat Adrian Gray. He then caused two big upsets by defeating world number six Adrian Lewis and Dennis Priestley, who was one of his idols in the sport, before his amazing run came to an end at the hands of world number three James Wade.

Nicholson sampled major title success for the first time in 2010 as he increased his tally of wins against higher ranked opponents to win the Players Championship. He beat Lewis in the quarter-final before claiming a sensational semi-final victory over defending champion Phil Taylor, going on to beat Mervyn King to lift the trophy. Later that year, Nicholson moved into the top 16 in the PDC rankings for the first time.

"The Asset” made the latter stages of several major tournaments in 2011 as he continued his march up the rankings. He caused shock waves once again in the UK Open when he knocked out Premier League winner Gary Anderson, before inflicting a further defeat on 15-time world champion Taylor.

Paul has designed his precision 90% tungsten darts with only one thing in mind - top performance. With superb styling featuring Winmau’s unique machined concentric rings, these darts are tuned for perfection and will be your ultimate "Asset” on the oche. 

Paul “The Asset” Nicholson
Paul “The Asset” Nicholson

Paul “The Asset” Nicholson darts
Paul “The Asset” Nicholson Darts

Paul “The Asset” Nicholson dart flights
Paul “The Asset” Nicholson Flights


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Silver Fern dart flights

The New Zealand Silver Fern dart flight features a a silver fern symbol on a black field of shades of grey Maori tribal designs, with the words New Zealand sitting under the silver fern prong.

Each pack contains 3 x Silver Fern dart flights.

Attention New Zealand residents:
Normally we do not ship our products out of Australia, but if you would like to place an order for the Silver Fern dart flights, or any other NZ or Warriors products please contact us via our contact form with your requirements and we will provide you a quote for International shipping prior to placing your order.

Aboriginal flag dart flights

The Aboriginal dart flight features a sea of grey dot surrounding a map outline of Australia filled with a simulated Aboriginal dot painting of the Aboriginal flag!

Each pack contains 3 x Aboriginal flag dart flights.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Blade 4 dartboard -15 years of evolution...

Since the first bristle dartboard was manufactured in 1932, not much changed until 1997 when Winmau launched the first ever Blade dartboard.

Within a year, the Winmau Blade had taken the global market by storm. The Blade dartboard wiring system had become smaller and all staples were removed from the surface making it the most technically advanced dartboard in the world. It had no rivals as the ultimate low bounce out dartboard, and players immediately benefited from dramatically improved averages.

Winmau’s commitment towards continually improving and innovating saw the introduction of the ultimate Blade board in 2010 – the Blade 4.

The Winmau Blade 4 pools all of Winmau’s 65 years expertise and utilises a pioneering new wiring system that dramatically reduces bounce outs and provides the opportunity for maximum scoring potential. The DSW (Dynamic Sector Wire) is over 50% thinner to even further enhance player averages and to provide best-in-class performance. The unique wiring system is constructed from a hi-tech, ultra strong material that is designed to deflect darts into the target area. The advanced molecular structure of the high tensile steel facilitates total accuracy right across the whole playing surface, whilst lasting even longer.

2012 is the 15th anniversary of the first ever Blade dartboard, and the company is selling more Blade boards than ever before. 

16 years of evolution dartboard ...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

ABC Sports dart selection guide... the dart buying guide for young and not so young

ABC Sports range of dart sets are made from a range of popular materials including brass, nickel and tungsten from world renown manufacturers including Australian Patriot, Elkadart, Nodor and Winmau. Dart barrel weights range from 12gm soft point darts right the way through to the super heavy 45gm Titan steel point darts.

Soft point darts are mainly used with electronic dartboards, but can be used with paper and bristle dartboards and are a safer alternative or younger dart players as they do help avoid stick injuries when handling the darts. Once younger player become older and more confident with handling darts the plastic points can be replaced with steel points.

Steel point darts are used with paper, ''pigskin'' dartboards and bristle dartboards.

ABC Sports dart buying guide is organised by dart type (plastic tip (soft point) or steel tip), and then by weight and has been designed to help make dart selection far less confusing and simplified for new and seasoned dart shoppers alike.

We have also included some simple ''rule of thumb'' dart shopping tips below which should provide invaluable assistance for those wanting to purchase their first set of darts, their next set of darts, or wanting to purchase a set of darts as a gift.

ABC Sports dart buying guide and dart selection tips:
  • All dart sets include 3 darts, and are referred to as a set.

  • For younger players plastic point darts are recommended. Points can be replaced with either spare plastic tips or steel tips.

  • Heavier darts provide the best performance for 'light' throwers, lighter darts provide better performance for heavy or strong throwers.

  • The average weight preference of mens darts is between 24 gram and 26 gram, with 26g being the most popular weight.

  • The average weight preference of ladies darts is between 28 gram and 30 gram. Many ladies and older male dart players also prefer heavier weights of up to 40gm to 45g due to their lighter throwing strength.

  • Dart materials have a varying size to weight ratio, meaning the heavier the dart the larger the diameter of the dart barrel. Brass darts have a larger barrel diameter to weight ratio, whilst tungsten darts have a smaller barrel diameter to weight ratio. In summary: Brass darts are cheaper but larger in diameter than tungsten darts of the same weight. The thinner the dart the closer the grouping - Yep! This is a good thing. :).

  • Brass darts range in price from $12 ~ $30 per set. Tungsten darts range from $39 to $100+ per set. The average price of good quality set of tungsten darts is between $59 - $79.
To begin your dart selection process, select either plastic point darts or steel point darts from the options below...

Soft Plastic Point darts...

Steel Point darts...